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Windows Mobile: CF how to catch F1 and F2 in WEH

Before WEH and Windows Mobile 6 it was easy to catch all keys including the function keys in a Compact Framework (CF) application, you simply had to use Allkeys(true) and Form.Keypreview=true. Actually, with Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) or Windows Mobile 6.5.3 the above will not work for the F1 and F2 key. There are simply […]

Windows Mobile – the no-go world of Function Keys

Hello I want to summarize the role of function keys in Windows Mobile, former Pocket PC, as I got several questions each week on how to use or enable Function keys in this or that application. Here is a simple information about how function keys work in Windows Mobile.

Full Screen Engine to make Compact Framework applications fullscreen

A class to make a Windows Mobile compact framework forms fullscreen. Includes code to catch all keys (no more working softkeys)

Use FuncKey to free up your FunctionKeys on Windows Mobile

A toolset to free FunctionKeys on your Windows Mobile device