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Mobile development: rdp_autologin updated to support clipboard redirection

The source code of rdp_autologin has been updated and now default.rdp will now include some more lines: WorkingDir:s:C:\Program Files (x86) AlternateShell:s:C:\Program Files (x86)\notepad.exe EnableClipboardRedirection:i:1 RDPIdleTimeout:i:0 where only EnableClipboardRedirection is working. Will update the code of rdp_autologin and it’s tools to enable you to control the clipboard setting by the registry. Currently it defaults to ENABLED. […]

Mobile Development: RDP AutoLogin v5

Based on version-4 here is an more extended version with the option to preset Resource mapping (Device storage and Remote desktop sound). These two options are controlled by the default.rdp file: EnableDriveRedirection:i:1 AudioRedirectionMode:i:

Mobile Developement – RDP AutoLogin extended (version 4)

Hello on the wish of the one or other user I extended the RDP AutoLogin code and we now reached level 4. The new code simply has only one extension, it supports the color depth selection. Also the color depth and other settings are visible on the dialog of Remote Desktop Mobile, the settings itself […]

Automated Login for Remote Desktop Mobile II

Tool to have Remote Desktop Mobile login automatically to a terminal server