Project and code list

Here I will publish information about projects/code/ideas I am currently working on or thinking of.

XML (Int*rm*c related)

Class to serialize and deserialize XML files in CSharp. Easy creation of new conform xml file using csharp class. Easy xml parsing.

QR Code launcher

Do you know these QR code barcodes that lead to URLs, contain an eMail address, have business card infos or others inside? I did a small app that parses these informations using zxing (Compact Framework) and launches the appropiate application on your windows mobile phone.


QR code encode decode

Although decoding is done very well on ruggedized Intermec Handheld computers, there is no additional parsing or QR code generator available. ZXing, zbar and twit88 open source QR code libraries can decode gray scale bitmaps or encode data to QR barcodes.


Tools lib (CF)

lib to hold functions that I use often. For example AppPath.

eMdi2eMail (CF)

App that uses eMDI (Intermec DocumentCapture) to capture leads and send them as eMail


App to start stop processes periodically


Tastapp to read Intermec device health status about Battery, Firmware and others


App that reads the general AbuseCount of Intermec device and publishs the info using a web server (compactWeb).

WLAN-WWAN switching(CF, CPP)

Testapp to start a WWAN connect (ConnectionManager), release WWAN, HangUp WWAN, start Wifi and stop Wifi connection.

Remote Desktop Mobile autologin(CPP)

App to start RDM with autologin (see my Blog)


Tool to shutdown Intermec devices (Cx7x) after period of sleep to extend battery life.


PC and WM apps to write/read encyrpted xml config (WLAN access parameters).


Tool to import and apply Intermec keyboard mapping files.


App to pause execution inside synchronous script, batch or cmd files

Agenda: CF=Compact Framework, CPP=C/C++. All apps are running on Windows Mobile/CE devices except otherwise noted.

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