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Disable SMS and other messaging on Windows Mobile

If you want to lockdown a user of a Windows Mobile device to not send/receive SMS messages or eMails, you can use a blacklist. First enable Disallow policy on the device and then list all apps you dont like the user to run.


;Enable blacklist of applications that should not run

;Add entries to blacklist of applications that should not run
;add more here as "3", "4", "5", etc.

tmail.exe, sms.dll and poutlook.exe are responsible for message handling on the device. If you disallow them, the user cannot start them anymore.

The Pocket or Mobile Internet Explorer

Unfortunately, there is no in depth information about the Pocket or Mobile Internet Explorer (PIE) comaptibility. So I can only give some suggestions. But I hope this informations will help you getting started and don’t run into trouble.First, although M$ states, that PIE is compatible to Internet Explorer 4.1, 5.0, 5.5 or 6.0, depending on the OS level you run on a windows ce based device, this is only a general statement:

Pocket Internet Explorer has been updated to support the following:

HTML 4.01
Extensible HTML (XHTML)
Cascading style sheets
Microsoft Jscript® version 5.5
Enhanced scripting and Document Object Model support
Wireless Markup Language (WML) 2.0 (XHTML + WML 1.x)
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in IPv4/IPv6 mixed-mode environments
New extensible imaging library

From TechEd powerpoint

HTML 3.2 Compliant
JavaScript 1.1 compliant
XML Object Model
Active X support (no download!)
HTML 3.2-based object model
   Not the IE4 OM
Core script support:
   Scripting against FORM elements
   Scripting against the XML OM<
Not supported:
   Dynamic frameset creation
   Dynamic script generation

If you try some more special functions of the desktop IE versions, you will find the limits very fast. In example, the OnKey() event is not supported in any of the actual CE OS versions (<=6). XML Dataislands support is very limitted.

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Windows Mobile Memory Card Encryption stops WinXP from reading the card

Bad experiences with Windows Mobile 6.1 encryption file EncFiltLog.menc

Today I was frightened as I tried to read the data I saved from a Windows Mobile 6.1 device to my MicroSD card from my Windows XP desktop PC. WinXP recognized the usb stick as changeable device but no drive and no contents. Simply “please insert drive”.

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What is an AKU?

Only a short post about AKUs.

As I wrote about Internet Explorer Mobile 6.1.4 it would be of interest, when this is part of the OS image on your device. With ‘when’ I mean the AKU number, when IEM is part of the OS image.

Adaption Kit Updates are described here.

A list of AKU s is posted here and here