Links to tools and interesting Software

Some tools

Visual Studio remote debugging without ActiveSync

Freeware PC:

  • Windows Mobile Network Analyzer PowerToy (ping, ipconfig etc)
  • Free remote mobile registry editor: Mobile Registry Editor
  • Free alternative remote display tool: MyMobiler
  • Regex test tool (to develop DataGrid editing lines): The RegEx Coach
  • Cab explorer: MSCEInf (french site, but english version available:
  • Remote tools like dir, run, process list etc: itsutils (hxxp://
  • As mobile registry editor (MRE) is not available any more from the author’s site directly and MRE has some bugs (ie after deleting a key it will hang), I looked around and found the freeware ceRegedit (A download is available hereĀ  ceRegedit Homepage). It also uses active sync and works remotely on the device’s registry. It has more features than MRE:
    * edit CE registry remotely from PC
    * import reg
    * export reg
    * create registry from scratch
    * convert cab-reg and reg-cab format
    * backup reg to image file
    * restore reg from image file
    * compare image files!
    * export or apply reg compare diffs!
    * edit offline using reg image files
    * and a lot more …

Freeware Windows CE/Mobile:

  • Free Windows CE registry editor: Tascal Regedit
  • A free enhanced file explorer: TotalCommanderCE
  • File explorer alternative: GSFinder
  • SSnap – freeware utility to capture snapshot of registry, file and/or database state on device. Very useful for capturing “before” and “after” states when changing settings. Available via link below, scroll down page to find SSnap:
  • PEInfo
    get informations about executables (exe, dll, cpl) on windows ce. Shows imports, exports etc of executables on device. Usefull if an app does not run, allows to seeĀ  if all required runtimes are available.
  • iInfo
    shows information about intermec device (serial, ip address) on today screen. Comes with ipconfig like info.
  • FDCSoft’s Task Manager (
    Here’s a list of its features from the above website:
    – Process manager
    – CPU usage
    – Application Manager
    Service Manager
    – Device Manager (only WM2005 and above)
    – Windows Manager
    Notification Manager
    – IP Config utility
    – Ping utility
    – Net Stats utility
    Registry Editor
    – Run program utility

Commercial PC (inexpensive?):

  • GPRS Monitoring
    Phone Dashboard by Hudson Mobile:
    (I also have written my own, non-GUI tool to read data transmitted/received by GPRS using SNMP)

Free online tools

  • Free online Barcode generator
    If you ever need a barcode to test your app this is for you:
  • Alternative online barcode generator:

Free offline Barcode generating

  • If you need some reference barcodes try the free desktoppublishing app Scribus. Within the menu Extras you will find an item Create Barcode. I use this or the online barcode generators

Open Source

  • Free barcode generator
    Need code to create barcodes? Try this free open source one:

Please feel free to send your additions