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Create a skin for MyMobiler

Hopefully you know the great free remote software MyMobiler for windows and windows mobile devices. MyMobiler supports remote use of windows mobile device from your Windows PC. It also has some additional features like a remote file explorer etc.

Although MyMobiler allows to use skins, there is no Skin editor. A skin lets you view the windows mobile device on your windows PC to look like the real device.

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ITC: Reveal Intermec Settings for CN50

Do you miss the possibility to configure the CN50 from the device? Do you miss Intermec Settings? Here is a workaround: ICCU for CN50

Update: for devices with firmware 1.51 you will need another ICCU.EXE too: [Download not found]
Unzip the file and copy it to windows dir on device.

The download only installs a lnk file to enable you to launch Intermec Settings on the device. Then you can change DataCollection, Communications and other settings directly on the device without the need for configuration barcodes or the heavy load SmartSystems server.

In contrast to the ‘real’ Intermec Settings, ICCU link is installed and launched from Programs (see icon below):

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Mobile Document Imaging

The new CN50 and CN4 launched by ITC supports MDI (Mobile Document Imaging). ITC calls the technolgy eMDI for enhanced MDI.

MDI is a technique to capture documents in a more reasonable way than by just taking a photo of the document. If you make a photo of a document, the result is not usable for online reading or archiving. You dont need color and the ‘images’ will be big in size, have uneven background, maybe tilted and sheered. MDI will take images of an document and correct the orientation, crop the image to the document borders, remove angles and normalize the image.

MDI can be used instead of flatbed scanners with similar results. The document scans are small and can be easily transfered to online services.

Need more background: Xerox MDI document

Here are some examples:

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ITC CN50 sensors: looking for usefull applications

Hello, are any usefull sensors applications out there?

ITC’s new device CN50 supports a G sensor by hardware. It delivers rotation, position, acceleration and magnetic data. But how can this help in commercial applications except for automated screen rotation? I dont know. The most G sensor enabled apps actually developed against HTC sensor are games. A bubble level application will not be that accurate with the form of the housing of the device. See a list of applications (mostly games) here.

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