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DirectKeyUI, a tool to manage direct keys on ITC devices

Although ITC offers a nice keyboard remapper (part of the device resource kit) there is no tool to remap the ‘direct’ keys. Direct keys are for example the blue side buttons on a CN3(e), the PTT key on a CK3 or the front keys of a CV30. To remap those keys you need to change the registry. As fiddling with the registry is not always easy, I did this small tool: DirectKeyUI

New (14. july 2009):

  • Added ArmV4 version as needed to use the tool on 700 color devices
    Although the tool is mainly targetting ITC WM5 devices it is also usefull to map keys on ITC WM2003 devices as the 700 color series. The remapper for the WM2003 devices does not offer all possibly mappings and so DirectKeyUI may be usefull for you.
  • Added source code as of 29. june 2009
  • Fixed some bugs in v1.2

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SAP ITS Mobile: Intermec Browser contra iBrowse

Recently we were faced with following problem:

Customer wants to use SAP ITS Mobile with Intermec Browser on CN3 and iBrowse on 700 color. The problem we found is, that intermec browser uses different META tags than iBrowse did. As you know, Intermec Browser is the successor of iBrowse, but it is not available for 700 color devices.

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USBkey: keyboard remapping from cmd line (ITC only)

A simple keyboard remapper command line tool for devices having a USB keypad (CN3, CK61, CV30, CK3).

The ITC devices use a USB keyboard driver. You can remap keys of the keypad using the keby remapper tool from the Device Resource Kit. Unfortunately not all possible assignments are available with this remapper tool, so I wrote a tool that gives you full control. Be careful when using.

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Control the green and orange keyboard shift planes on ITC device


as this is asked from time to tim, here is a sample and a class in C# (VS2005) that enables you to switch the green and orange keyboard shift plane of the keyboards on ITC CN3, CN3e and possibly other ruggedized ITC handheld devices.

You can control the keyboard shift state and you can subscribe to an event to get information about changes in the keyboard shift panel state. With the latter, you can create an application that is always aware of the active keyboard shift plane.

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