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NPAPI – a plugin to retrieve device information

Some times ago I wrote a barcode scanner NPAPI plugin for the HTML5 browser by zetakey. It is based on code supplied as MySensor in the motorola knowledge base. The plugin is for Windows Mobile 6.x based devices by Intermec and another one for M3 devices.

The MySensor plugin based on npruntime was the only sample I could get to compile and work correctly. The barcode scanner fork I wrote does also work very well. The new MyDevinfo plugin retrieves model code, battery level and WLAN RSSI value of the Intermec device and allows to present this information to a HTML5 browser user when needed.


The above shows the web page of MyDevinfo_simple.htm.

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adsbox stopped showing airplane labels on GMap

Some time ago I wrote about the great free adsbox. Now the GMap display stopped showing any labels or airplanes for no reason.

The root cause is that google code hosting is stopped and the source for markerwithlabel.js moved away from

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!--    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="./markerwithlabel.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

As you see, I changed adsbox/htdocs/index.html to use a local copy of markerwithlabel.js. You may also use the new source code location

With the above change my adsbox did show the planes and airports etc. again.

The source of adsbox is at
or translated to english

Windows Mobile 6 – Internet Explorer Mobile modes

Since IE6 comes as 6.1.4 or higher, Internet Explorer Mobile can work in IE6 or the older PIE mode.

IE6 means Internet Explorer 6 desktop compatible mode. Which works more or less with known and unknown restrictions. The biggest advantage is that Internet Explorer (IEM) >=6.1.4 supports keyboard event DOM of javascript.

For some web sites you may downgrade to PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer) mode. You will get scroll bars and a standard menu bar and no on-screen zoom option.

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WordPress: Download Monitor upload/insert into post broken

With the latest update of download monitor plugin for wordpress I got a problem.  The download code was not any more inserted into the post.

I place the cursor in my new post and the clicked the download monitor symbol (the arrow down) to upload and insert a new file. After entering a title and selecting the file to upload using the browse button to upload a local file, I click [Save Download].

Screenshot-Edit Post ‹ Windows CE Programming — WordPress - Mozilla Firefox

Then at the bottom of the “Add Download” click on Save new download.

Screenshot-Edit Post ‹ Windows CE Programming — WordPress - Mozilla Firefox-1

A new dialog pops up and I click [Insert into post]

Screenshot-Edit Post ‹ Windows CE Programming — WordPress - Mozilla Firefox-2

Now nothing happens, the dialog remains on screen.

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