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DataMatrix.Net ported to Compact Framework

(Updated 28. april 2010: see bottom)

If you need to print, show, generate or analyse DataMatrix Barcodes on a Windows Mobile device, you can now use this class library. I have ported the code to be compatible with Compact Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.

The original full .NET framework source code is located at SourceForge.

Here is first a screenshot of the test application running on a Windows Mobile device using the DataMatrixNetCF class:

Test application screenshot

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Connecting a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner to WinXP with SP2

How to connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner without additional software in Windows XP

  • Incoming or outgoing connection
  • Pairing from SF51 as client with SPP
  • Using accessibility options to simulate keystrokes
  • Cleanup COM port usage
  • Installation of SF51 as HID device

There are several ways to connect your sf51 and your PC. If you have your own application, you should use a serial connection. If you paired the SF51 with an incoming connection on the PC, the scanner will be online, when you open the COM port.

If you don’t own the source of the target application(s), you have to use a solution, that translates the barcodes scanned into keystrokes.

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