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Windows Mobile: Some logging tools

If you ever had a windows mobile device that behaved strange you might need some logging to find the cause.

Here is a collection of logging tools I wrote:

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Mobile development: pocketHosts-Edit Windows Mobile hosts entries

PocketPC and Windows Mobile does not support a hosts file as desktop windows. As I recently had to add an entry for a virtual machine running Mini SAP (Netweaver 7.01 Trial) I stumbled about how to add a host entry to a windows mobile device.


The platform builder help gives the details about how host entries are organized:

Host Name

The host name can be configured through the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip\Hosts subkey. When an application calls gethostbyname or getaddrinfo, the registry is queried first, before a DNS or WINS request is sent. If the host name is found in the registry, the registry values are returned.

The following table shows the values for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip\Hosts\<Host Name> subkey.

Value : type Description
Aliases : REG_MULTI_SZ This value stores the aliases by which this host is known.
ExpireTime : REG_BINARY If the current time, obtained by calling GetCurrentFT, exceeds the value in ExpireTime, the entire Host Name subkey is deleted the next time that gethostbyname is called. The length of this value is 8 bytes.
ipaddr : REG_BINARY This value stores the IPv4 addresses associated with this host name. The length of this value is 4 bytes per address.
ipaddr6 : REG_BINARY This value stores the IPv6 addresses associated with this host name. The length of this value is 20 bytes per address (16 bytes for address and 4 bytes for Scope ID).

So, there is no simple hosts file.

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Mobile Programming – Cmd line tools for automated tests

Recently I had to perform an automated stress test for a compact framework application using the camera. I remembered MortScript (original web site down) and wrote a script to automate the test.

Another way to run CLI apps and see there output is PocketConsole and PocketCMD. The original web site is down, so please use to get the files.

Now, as there are sometimes more needs to automate tests, for example for battery performance tests, I decided to mimic the motorola emScript environment. emScript offers a lot of functions you may need on other devices too. Instead of putting all functions into one executable, I decided to have extern command line driven tool set. So I started to develop small tools to perform device functions.


The first tool is scannerCLI. This tool issues a barcode scan on an intermec handheld device:

Just issue the scanner for a max time of supplied arg default timeout is 1 second:
"ScannerCLI.exe x" will issue a barcode scan with a timeout of x seconds.
x must be > 0 and < 10.
"ScannerCLI.exe" will issue a barcode scan for max 1 second. The scan will be stopped immediately if a barcode is read.
The return code is 0 for no barcode read, 1 for one or more read and negative for an error in barcode scan.


This tool is to control or query the backlight settings of intermec devices. As you know the backlight is one of the most battery consuming setting.

arguments  function
on         switch backlight on using current brightness
off        switch backlight off
max        switch backlight brightness to max and on
min        switch backlight brightness to min and on

state      return 0 for is OFF, 1 for ON, -1 for error
level      return current brightness level or -1 for error

1 to max level 
           set new brightness level, returns new level or -1 for 
           error (ie val exceeds max level)

More tools will added here…

The source code for all published tools is be available at

Mobile development: show a small information window using WIN32 API


Sometimes you may need to display a small window to inform the user about what is going on. Although the scripting tools MortScript and nScript provide functions to show dialogs they can not show simple information windows.

ShowWin default colors

ShowWin default colors

ShowWin with a progress bar

ShowWin with a progress bar

ShowWin is nothing special but a nearly full configurable window to be used from cmd line tools. It just uses Win32 API calls, constants and structures as FindWindow, PostMessage, SendMessage, WM_COPYDATA, COPYDATASTRUCT, GetSystemMetrics, GetDesktopWindow, GetWindowRect, CreateWindowEx, ShowWindow, UpdateWindow, INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX, GetDeviceCaps, CreateFontIndirect, GetWindowDC, ReleaseDC, PROGRESS_CLASS, InvalidateRect, BeginPaint, CreatePen, SelectObject, Rectangle, SetBkMode, DrawText, EndPaint, SetTextColor, DeleteObject, GetKeyState and PostQuitMessage.

Basic WIN32 programming

Possibly you never wrote a native C windows application. Come on and dive into the basics. It is always good to know the basics even if one writes DotNet or JAVA code.

Supported arguments

 showWin -t "Text zum Anzeigen" -r 90 -g 80 -b 70 -s 8 -w 200 -h 50 -x 0 -y 0 -rt 200 -gt 20 -bt 20 -ti 10 -progr 30 -align left

 option/parameter:                meaning:                default:            limitations:
 -t "Text zum Anzeigen"           text to show            "Installing"        255 chars, no " inside, no line breaks, no tabs
 -r 90                            background color RED    255                    0-255
 -g 80                            background color GREEN    207                    0-255
 -b 70                            background color BLUE    0                    0-255
 -s 8                             font size in points        10                    7-24 points
 -w 200                           window width pixels        460                    100-screenwidth
 -h 50                            window height pixels    40                    menu bar height (ie 26pixels)
 -x 60                            window pos X            12                    0 + system window bordersize
 -y 60                            window pos Y            48                    0 + system taskbar bar height. Using 0;0 does not work nice on WM, win may be below taskbar
 -rt 200                          text color RED            0                    0-255
 -gt 20                           text color GREEN        0                    0-255
 -bt 20                           text color BLUE            0                    0-255

 -align center                    text alignment            left                center|left|right

 -ti 10                           timeout to autoclose    0                    no autoclose, min: 1 (second), max: 3600 = one hour

 -progr 10                        show with progress val    0                    no progressbar, max: 100
                                  the progressbar is appended at bottom of textwindow
 -prval                           update progress bar value                    no default, min=1, max=100

 -kill                            kill existing window, exit app

 -m "new message text"            replace text in window                        see -t

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