Transmit data from WinMo device to PC: SocketWedge and SocketSend

Although you may find this combination useless, here is something that will transmit data from a Windows Mobile device to a PC and the PC will type (like a barcode scanner keyboard wedge) the transmitted data.

The workflow theory is:

  1. You scan a barcode or RFID TAG and the data is wedged into the SocketSend input textbox or you type some text into the textbox.
  2. You connect your mobile device to the network, where you have a Windows PC running SocketWedge.
  3. On the mobile within SocketSend you tap the transmit button and the data is send to SocketWedge.
  4. SocketWedge receives the data and puts it in the keyboard message queue of a defined application.
  5. The data is typed into the target application.

There are some code snippets you may find usefull for your apps:

On the Mobile (SocketSend)

  • A background task that does ping a server and gives status back
  • A ping coded for compact framework

On the PC (SocketWedge)

  • Background threads that accept socket connections
  • A nice keyboard input emulation using SendInput
  • A hex encoder/decoder, yo you can use \xHH for hex input of special chars

Attached are the source codes for Visual Studio 2005 targeting Windows or Windows Mobile 6 SDK:

[Download not found] [Download not found]


[Download not found] [Download not found]


  1. Dev says:

    when transmitting the data from WM to PC, showing the error Can’t find itc50.dll

  2. josef says:

    Yes, itc50.dll is only available (and working) on an Intermec device. You need to adapt the code to your device.

  3. Dev says:

    I am using other Handheld device to perform this function, is there anyway to work this solution. Please advice.

  4. josef says:

    Hello Dev

    you need to replace the reference and code dealing with the BarcodeReader with code supported by your device.

    I can not help more on this, as it is very basic programming.


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