Mobile Development: rdesktop-ce is now Win2008 R2 compatible

Just a short note: rdesktop-ce is now RDP5 capable and can connect to Win2008 R2 Terminal Services.

With the help of bradh I now have a Windows CE fork of rdesktop that does not show modulo 0x108 error any more when run against windows 2008 R2 server.


  1. Poinson says:

    Where is the download file RDP5 capable ?
    I see your last post but nothing into the projet has changed to support win2008 r2.

  2. josef says:

    a) see my last comment at the original post: latest exe can be found at “…A current exe can be found at …”. Additionally you need two DLLs from

    Keep yor eyes open and stop complain 😉

  3. Poinson says:

    Hi Thanks.
    Sorry but I am not really familiar with svn tool.

  4. Toni says:

    Hi! Sorry, I am stupid! How is posible to download from:

    “a) see my last comment at the original post: latest exe can be found at “â€ĶA current exe can be found at â€Ķ”.”


  5. […] I have added two new build variants to rdesktopce_rdp5 (see also older article). […]

  6. Antonio says:

    I can not make the rdesktop-ce version work on an Intermec CK3X terminal with Windows Mobile 6.5, the previous versions called WinDesktop if they worked for me. Is it no longer compatible with Windows Mobile? Thank you!

  7. josef says:

    Hi Antonio

    the newer versions use ssl and need the ssl libraries. All versions work fine on Windows Mobile 6.5.

    Let us know, what “I can not make the rdesktop-ce version work” exactly means. Is there an error message or …?


  8. Antonio says:

    I have copied rdesktopce.exe, windesktop.ini and the ssl libraries in the same folder, when I run the application it does not give any message. The connection parameters are correct and work with the old windesktop.exe version .. I am testing it on an Intermec CK3X with Windows Mobile 6.5.

    do you have any idea? Thank you very much for your help!

  9. Antonio says:

    Hi Josef!

    I have managed to move forward! I was testing the connection to an external server, the Microsoft RDP worked but the other did not. I have tried with a local server and finally connect !! But it does not finish working well, I get the screen in black. On the server I can see that you have logged in correctly.

    I have the configuration parameters:

    bpp = 16
    geometry = 240×320

    I would appreciate support, I would reward. You can contact with me? Thank you!

  10. josef says:

    Hi Antonio

    I am sorry, but rdesktop_ce is not compatible with all the possible settings in W2K8 and newer servers. OTOH the server may do strange things, if you connect with a lower resolution device (below 800px).

    Unable to provide further support. Please go with Remote Desktop Mobile.

    with regards


  11. Antonio says:

    Hi Josef!

    The tests I am doing with a W2K3 server with a normal resolution of 1024×768 and it is with this server that rdesktop does not work .. the old version WinDesktop_r41 if it works with the same configuration ..

    Thanks for your time!

  12. josef says:

    w2k3 server should work (assuming you have valid licenses installed). But I also noticed that there were Security Updates for the server that changed the RDP support.

    See also

  13. Antonio says:

    Hi Josef!

    The W2K3 server that I use is a virtual machine that I have been using for a long time and used to test connection with all types of terminals. And you can connect any mobile RDP without problems .. In fact you are connecting WinDesktop_r41 without problems .. I have tried all the latest versions of rdesktop and when you connect the screen comes completely black and the virtual keyboard button. The session is created on the server .. it is a little weird .. it would be a great utility for me to be able to use this program.

    Thank you so much for everything!

  14. josef says:


    why do you not use r41 then. Do you need anything newer?


  15. Antonio says:

    Hi Josef!

    Because the ultimate goal is to be able to use it with W2K8 & W2K12 servers. I currently have several terminals connected to Remote Desktop Mobile on these servers and running, with the typical problems of this RDP.
    I want to automate and put this in kiosk mode.


  16. Andreas Dahlin says:


    I also have the black screen issue on Zebra MC55A0. When connecting to both Server 2012 R2 and 2008 R2. But I have a third server running Server 2012 which the Rdesktop-Rdp5 is working.

    Is there a solution for the “black screen”?

    BR Andreas

  17. josef says:

    Hello Andreas

    I am sorry, but I do not know which of the >400 Fixes applied to 2012 Server broke this.


  18. Andreas Dahlin says:


    Thanks for the answer, I will keep an eye on these threads to see if a solution will be found.
    BR Andreas

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