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Mobile development: rdp_autologin updated to support clipboard redirection

The source code of rdp_autologin has been updated and now default.rdp will now include some more lines:

WorkingDir:s:C:\Program Files (x86)
AlternateShell:s:C:\Program Files (x86)\notepad.exe

where only EnableClipboardRedirection is working.

Will update the code of rdp_autologin and it’s tools to enable you to control the clipboard setting by the registry. Currently it defaults to ENABLED.

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Windows Mobile – Ctlpnl.exe arguments

Did you know you can launch ctlpnl.exe to open a defined applet directly?

OK, here we go:

ctlpnl.exe cplmain.cpl,26

will open the Wireless Manager. You can use that in a .lnk file if you need a direct option to launch ctlpnl.exe with a specific applet:

255#"\windows\ctlpnl.exe" cplmain.cpl,26

REMEMBER: do NOT add a newline in the .lnk ASCII file!

Here is a list of know arguments:

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Mobile development: Netstat, know your device’s open ports

On desktop PCs you have the nice tool netstat to see which ports are open on the PC. A customer wanted to know, why his devices do not release there internet connection. The only tool I know, that will show open network connections, is called netstat. Unfortunately I did not find such tool for Windows Mobile and so I wrote one myself:

netstat for windows mobile


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Mobile development: pocketHosts-Edit Windows Mobile hosts entries

PocketPC and Windows Mobile does not support a hosts file as desktop windows. As I recently had to add an entry for a virtual machine running Mini SAP (Netweaver 7.01 Trial) I stumbled about how to add a host entry to a windows mobile device.


The platform builder help gives the details about how host entries are organized:

Host Name

The host name can be configured through the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip\Hosts subkey. When an application calls gethostbyname or getaddrinfo, the registry is queried first, before a DNS or WINS request is sent. If the host name is found in the registry, the registry values are returned.

The following table shows the values for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip\Hosts\<Host Name> subkey.

Value : type Description
Aliases : REG_MULTI_SZ This value stores the aliases by which this host is known.
ExpireTime : REG_BINARY If the current time, obtained by calling GetCurrentFT, exceeds the value in ExpireTime, the entire Host Name subkey is deleted the next time that gethostbyname is called. The length of this value is 8 bytes.
ipaddr : REG_BINARY This value stores the IPv4 addresses associated with this host name. The length of this value is 4 bytes per address.
ipaddr6 : REG_BINARY This value stores the IPv6 addresses associated with this host name. The length of this value is 20 bytes per address (16 bytes for address and 4 bytes for Scope ID).

So, there is no simple hosts file.

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