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Windows Mobile: watch the memory footstep of running processes

Some times ago I posted my remote cpu usage monitor. Now here is a similar tool but for logging the memory. You can now watch the memory usage of processes remotely for example when you test an application.

There are two tools: vmUsage and vmUsageRecvr. You may use the mobile vmUsage alone and just use its logging. The other tool receives the memory status information on a PC and enables long time logging and export to a csv text.

vmusage   memeater-vm   excel-linechart

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Mobile Development: Watch the power of your device, think green

This is a very simple application to show the values of GetSystemPowerStatusEx2 in live view.

That enables you to see how much power is drawn of the battery if you switch WiFi on or off for example.


On industrial devices you can also check the power consumption of special modules like a barcode scanner.

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Windows Mobile: disable touch input


sometimes you might want to ‘lock’ the screen, better say: disable touch input. For example, if you put the device in a pocket, to avoid accidentally tapped screen elements.

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Mobile Development: RDP AutoLogin v5

Based on version-4 here is an more extended version with the option to preset Resource mapping (Device storage and Remote desktop sound).

These two options are controlled by the default.rdp file:


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