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Windows Mobile: Disable Low Battery Warning

Although I dont recommend this, it may be usefull if your kiosk mode app watches and manages the battery level: you can disable the low battery warning. Sometimes such hacks are hard to find, now there is one more location in internet.

In the registry find the key


This is the entry responsible for low battery warnings

Add a new REG_SZ key: “Default” with for example the text “Low Battery Warning”

"Default"="Low Battery Warning"

This entry is used to display the notification in the list of notifications in Start-Settings-Sounds&Notifications. To disable the notification itself it is not really necessary, but easier to control.

The Options entry in the registry defines which options your selected in Start-Settings-Sounds&Notifications, for example play a sound or display a user notification. Set Options to REG_DWORD=0x00 and there will be no notification when the battery goes down to 10% (depends on the device) and lower.

Here is the change in full:


You need to reboot the device after the change!

Only a small tipp

Windows Today Screen: Disable Screen

One more small tip:

to disable the today screen and prohibit a user from starting anything from there, simply change the following registry keys:


change this to


But be warned, the today screen will not refresh and so the background will not refresh. If you leave (minimize) an app, the screen may partially not refresh.

Disable the ActiveSync Partnership setup dialog

If you are developing for windows mobile devices and got several devices, you may not want to be asked to setup a “New Partnership” on a new connected device.

To avoid partnering, you use a registry key and you will no more be asked to setup a partnership with your PocketPC or Windows CE device.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services]

To switch back to accepting partnerships, use this

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services]