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Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) or ActiveSync Troubleshooting

If you have trouble to get a connection to your windows mobile or windows ce device, here (archived copy) is a great article about how to repair the connection.

I recently had such trouble. WMDC only showed an Error symbol. The log file vminst.log showed many “inst : 09/05/13 10:00:27 E1:AdjustSecurity: security query failed: 0x80004002 0x00000000” error lines.

Looking for the meaning of this error, I found 0x80004002 is related to outlook. This is erratic, as I do not sync email or other stuff with these development devices, I use the GuestOnly registry setting to avoid to create a partnership with all the devices around my developer desk.

But outlook was also mentioned as possibly cause for WMDC problems and so I changed to my outlook dir and run scanpst.exe on my outlook pst file. And, o wonder, the WMDC connection did work after the repair (there were errors in my pst file).