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Windows Mobile 6 – Internet Explorer Mobile modes

Since IE6 comes as 6.1.4 or higher, Internet Explorer Mobile can work in IE6 or the older PIE mode.

IE6 means Internet Explorer 6 desktop compatible mode. Which works more or less with known and unknown restrictions. The biggest advantage is that Internet Explorer (IEM) >=6.1.4 supports keyboard event DOM of javascript.

For some web sites you may downgrade to PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer) mode. You will get scroll bars and a standard menu bar and no on-screen zoom option.

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AJAX and Windows Mobile 6

Some time ago MS announced an extended Mobile Internet Explorer (sorry, it has to be called Internet Explorer Mobile now, nor Pocket Internet Explorer. Thanks to all these new terms for the same thing to MS. PIE, MIE, IEM is all the same) with the release of Windows Mobile 6.1.4: Internet Explorer Mobile.

I did a short test and will still recommend Access Netfront for professional use. IEM runs slow and I can not see the ((un-)documented) enhancements for web programmers.