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ITCKeyboard: a class to manage ITC keyboard mappings

Although Intermec provides a control panel and an API to remap keys for Intermec Mobile Computers these tools only support normal remappings. This means for example you can remap a hardware key to produce a virtual key code. But you cannot map a key to the other great possibilities of the keyboard driver:

  • switch the keyboard plane (shiftkey)
  • map as modifier key
  • map as rotate key (one that produce abc depending on how often you press is)
  • multikey that produces a sequence of key strokes
  • event key, one that fires a named event pair (like the scan button does)
  • a function key that executes a function inside a DLL

I also added classes to manage the used tables as for example MultiKeys, ShiftKeys, RotateKeys, ModifierKeys and so on.

As an example on how the the USB codes are layed out on a device. Unfortunately I only have mappings of this device and not for the others. Therefor you can only suggest the key to remap by the printing on the key.

There is no support in the Intermec tools to remap directKeys. For example the side buttons of a CN3 or CN4 or the PTT button of the CK3 are not managed via the usb keyboard driver, these are managed by a direct keyboard driver. ITCKEYBOARD enables you to remap this keys thru an API.

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