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NPAPI – a plugin to retrieve device information

Some times ago I wrote a barcode scanner NPAPI plugin for the HTML5 browser by zetakey. It is based on code supplied as MySensor in the motorola knowledge base. The plugin is for Windows Mobile 6.x based devices by Intermec and another one for M3 devices.

The MySensor plugin based on npruntime was the only sample I could get to compile and work correctly. The barcode scanner fork I wrote does also work very well. The new MyDevinfo plugin retrieves model code, battery level and WLAN RSSI value of the Intermec device and allows to present this information to a HTML5 browser user when needed.


The above shows the web page of MyDevinfo_simple.htm.

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Mobile development – a WiFi signal strength indicator

Here is one more windows mobile taskbar addon. I have seen many people are interested in these small widgets. This one shows the signal strength of the current associated access point in your taskbar.

The code is the same as with the other taskbaraddons you find here, only the code for wireless signal strength has been added. Oh, yes, and this addon uses small bitmaps to show the signal strength.

To get the signal strength I use part of PeekPocket code submission at CodeProject. I only need the name of the first wireless adapter.

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