GAPI (GXOpenInput and GXCloseInput) will be removed for Windows Mobile 6.5


I just started this blog. I will import the existing stuff from from time to time. But now, here is my first post.

Microsoft decided to discontinue GAPI. That is OK for me, as I only use GXOpenInput and GXCloseInput to disable the hijacking of function keys and to have a kiosk application that dies the user not reach the OS.

I discovered this at There is a message linking to

I will test the function of BOOL AllKeys(BOOL bEnable) and if it works like GXOpenInput() I hace no concerns about using it instead.

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  1. […] only disadvantage with the tool is that it cannot free VK_LWIN as GXOpenInput() or AllKeys() can […]

  2. Mike Welch says:

    I think this is a silly decision. The GAPI DLL continues to be less than 10K in size and is very efficient for doing what it does. Moreover, the DLL has been included with the Pocket PC/WinMo platform for so long some developers have come to expect it to be there. This will only cause headaches for some people. Microsoft has also pulled, for example, their MFC DLL for CE 3.0 and have subsequently put it back into the platform.

    Of course, manufacturers can always drop gx.dll back into the platform if they so choose. I just think this is a silly decision 🙂

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