Internet Explorer Mobile handles key events

WOW, IEM (tested from AKU 6.1.5) handles key events.

As you know (or should know), Internet Explorers before 6.1.4 ? did not handle key events. Although this may be not a problem with consumer devices, for rugged devices used in a professional environment, this was bad. Although there are more and more consumer windows mobile devices providing a keyboard with more than 6 keys. Industrial devices have much more keys:


The companies had to design around using a keyboard interface in there web application or use special browsers that support key events. Now a new area starts with IEM 6.1.4.

I tested IEM on a ITC device with a numeric input and the test page (see here) works fine:


The screen shows the test page after I pressed the ‘2’ key on the keyboard. Unfortunately I was not yet able to test against function keys yet.

[Download not found]

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