SAP ITS Mobile: Intermec Browser contra iBrowse

Recently we were faced with following problem:

Customer wants to use SAP ITS Mobile with Intermec Browser on CN3 and iBrowse on 700 color. The problem we found is, that intermec browser uses different META tags than iBrowse did. As you know, Intermec Browser is the successor of iBrowse, but it is not available for 700 color devices.

The META tags causing problems are the ones for checking/processing function keys:

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x70″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘1’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x71″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘2’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x72″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘3’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x73″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘4’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x74″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘5’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x75″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘6’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x76″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘7’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x77″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘8’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x78″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(‘9′);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x79″ content=”Javascript:setFKey(’10’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x7A” content=”Javascript:setFKey(’11’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x7B” content=”Javascript:setFKey(’12’);”>

<META HTTP-Equiv=”IB_OnKey0x000d” content=”Javascript:setOkCodeEnter();”>

This code is OK for Intermec Browser but for iBrowse you have to replace ALL IB_OnKey by iBrowse_OnKey.

I dont know, why this has been changed and why the old syntax cannot be used anymore.

If you need html working with both locked down browsers, you can enter IB_OnKey and iBrowse_OnKey in parallel. The browser ignores what he does not recognize.


  1. Sergio Rozenszajn says:

    1. Are also scan related tags changed?

    <meta http-equiv="IBrowse_ScannerNavigate" content="JavaScript..

    2. Can we still use IBrowse in new devices?. What functionality are we missing in such case?

    Best Regards

  2. admin says:

    Hello Sergio

    please use for intermec specific questions.

    to 1.) Yes they changed all META tags to IB_… instead of IBrowse_… There are rumours that they actually support both naming schemes in IB (Intermec Browser).

    to2.) There will be no new releases of intermec browser for new devices. Intermec Browser IBrowse will be replaced by IB. There is no release of IBrowse for WM6.1 based devices, you have to switch to IB.



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