PC ActiveSync can be used to automate tasks on device connection

You can have several apps started every time a device connects via ActiveSync on your PC. To enable this, you have to enter the application(s) to start in your PC Windows registry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AutoStartOnConnect]
"OnConnect"="\"c:\\windows\\system32\\cmd.exe\" /c d:\\OnConnect\\install.bat"

In this example, the batch file d:\OnConnect\install.bat will be launched every time a device connects via ActiveSync. If you use the itsutils, you can specify a list of commands executed against the connected device. In example, you can use the following install.bat (assuming that all tools and files are in d:\OnConnect) ot alwayss install certain files onto the device.

@echo on                 
cd d:\OnConnect
pput -f -v _0000_comp_itcivacn2.cab "\DiskOnChip\Persistent Copy\CabFiles\_0000_comp_itcivacn2.cab"
pput -f -v userApp_WCE4.ARMV4.cab "\DiskOnChip\Persistent Copy\CabFiles\IuserApp_WCE4.ARMV4.cab"
pput -f -v sqlce.wce4.armv4.cab "\DiskOnChip\Persistent Copy\CabFiles\sqlce.wce4.armv4.cab"
pput -f -v System_SR_enu.cab "\DiskOnChip\Persistent Copy\CabFiles\System_SR_enu.cab"
pregutl @region.reg
pause "ReBoot ?"
pause "*************** Finished **************************"

These line copy some files to the device, change the registry with a regedit4 conform file (download sample), sync the time of the device to yours PC time and then perform a warmboot. Using the XDA tools (itsutils) there are many more possibilities. Especially usefull, as PocketPC devices do not support batch files on the device.

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