ITC: today plugin showing current main IP address and model and serial code


as a developer I always need to know the current IP address of a device. Normally it takes 5 or more taps to get the current IP of an device, so I wrote this today screen plugin.

iInfo today will show the current main IP, the model code (except for the always other CN50) and the serial number (except for CN50 🙁 )of the ITC device. Additionally the tool comes with IP config like tool, that shows some more info about current network connection (WINS, DNS etc). And tapping the tool symbol on the right you will beam directly to the connection settings applet.

Scan2Load Barcodes

You can install the tool on your ITC WM5 or WM6 device by just scanning the two barcodes below. The first barcode will start S2C exe. Wait until it starts and then scan the second barcode which will configure the device to download an installer script.
These barcodes will work only with a new SSRefClient installed and only with an Internet aware WLAN or ENET connection! WWAN connections are not supported as the connection manager will not create a data connection for the requests used by S2C.

Scan barcode 1:

iInfo_01 Scan2Load Barcode 01

iInfo_01 Scan2Load Barcode 01

Scan barcode 2:

iInfo_02 Scan2Load Barcode 02

iInfo_02 Scan2Load Barcode 02

Download the tool manually

[Download not found]


  1. dale says:

    Hi Josef,

    Interesting…, Use of the today screen seems a little different then your normal projects/topics.

    I’ve been thinking lately, that there should be a way to better use the mobile platform (today screen, start menu, indicator icons..) to an advantage, instead of disabling, working around and replacing.

    Barring replacing mobile with CE, what are your thoughts on use of the today screen and start menu with only applications I want to show, and replacing the icon functionality of the indicator icon portions of the task bar?

    Often times the user needs to relay support information, just such as ip address, and needs a “safe” means such as the today plugin, to acquire.


    I get a 404 off the download link.


  2. admin says:

    Hello Dale

    thanks for the information about the download. I fixed it (typo).



  3. Alain Dekker says:

    Cool tool. Is the source code available for download?

  4. josef says:

    Source code is not yet released to public. But see my other today plugins (using compact framework).

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