RDM_Keepbusy has been updated

I fixed a bug in RDM_KeepBusy. It worked only for the first session and not after close/open another session. Please always use the subversion code.


  1. TR says:

    Does the .exe on the download site contain the latest updates?


  2. TJ says:


    Where I can download that new version? Looks like I only find the one released in august from downloads wiki. That one doesn’t seem to do the trick with my CK71 WM 6.5.3. Session is always cut down after a timeout.

    Otherwise the autologin feature works nice and smooth.


  3. TJ says:


    It’s working perfectly now. Probably just a typo with the settings.

    You can delete my comments.

    Thanks a lot,


  4. admin says:

    To ALL

    this is a developer site. I do not always push updated exe files in the posts.

    PLEASE always use the latest code at google.com and compile yourself.

    Actually the latest RDM_KeepBusy is dated 16.1.2013


    The Admin

  5. klamar says:


    First of all, thanks for making this great tool!

    I have a minor issue with it though. I’m currently using the version from Feb 27 (RDM_bin_set_20130227.zip).
    The problem is the log file that is being written to while RDM_KeepBusy is running (i.e. RDM_keepBusy.exe.log.txt): it gets HUGE over time, until it runs out of storage (I’m talking several hundred MB of space).

    Is there a way to disable logging altogether, or at least cut down on the verbosity?


  6. josef says:

    Hello klmar

    Just download the code and compile yourself with logging off!

    This is a developer site.



  7. klamar says:

    Hello josef,

    thank you, problem solved!

    Another question:
    Is it possible to automatically close the wpctsc window after a terminal session was ended?
    I’m using the Intermec Launcher app and I’d like to return to it after the RDP session was closed/terminated.


  8. josef says:

    Hello Klamar

    same answer as previously, use the source code and change it to your needs. There is already code inside to kill a wpctsc.exe. Now one has to add code to watch the wpctsc window and check for if it is connected or not (see windows title).

    Sorry, currently no resources on my side for such changes.


  9. Bo says:

    Hi Josef

    One of our developers have build a exe file from one of your projects (attached)

    2 scenarios seen.

    1. Seems to start the keep busy, but terminates itself after a few seconds.
    2. a new scenario discovered, which seems to crash the device, when the .exe file is executed.

    We are testing using a CN70 and needs to have a RDP, keep busy without logging.

    Can you help with this ? Is something wrong in the build .exe ?

    Link to project: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2f8me0ob6qm9ed7/AAB0SBqsgney0XSqDdzWdCfKa?oref=e

    Best Regards

  10. Tsven says:


    Does anyone have an exe file with logging off ?

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