WICD does not reconnect after suspend: obtaining IP address

My Debian 8 Jessie installed Acer Aspire One netbook had problems reconnecting after suspend resume.

WICD showed obtaining IP address for a long time and finally gave up or so. Tried dhclient and dhcpcd, no change. Tried debug mode, which results in the netbook sometimes did not resume to the OS and I had to do a hard reset :-(. Disabled debug logging option in wicd.conf again. Could not live with hard resets.

Changed dhcp server from integrated one in router (tested with different models) to my Linux Debian SID server, no change.

I added the option nolink (for buggy interfaces, found in man dhcpcd and dhcp.conf and inspried by LinuxQuestions.Org) to /etc/dhcpcd.conf and now WICD reconnects fine and fast after setting dhcpcd as external DHCP Client. WICD is version 1.7.24.

Issue solved 🙂

UPDATE 31.8.2016:

Bad news: WICD still does not resolve DHCP address. I mostly have to Cancel the ‘Obtaining IP address…’ process and manually connect. Some times it connects on first time but some times on second or thrird attempt.

Now tested connman. But it behaves alsoe strange. After first install everything looked fine. But after reboot it stated no services available or other strange errors about no wifi and sh.. After some more tests I relaized that connman is not really integrated into Debian. Maybe it is good for ArchLinux? Fortunately I always got a connection using ifdown/ifup for wlan0.

Finally I switched to network-manager and network-manager-gnome. And that impressed me. It connects very, very fast. Hopefully that will be reliable. Suspend and resume also works fine without fiddeling in any conf files so far.

BTW: I am running two Cisco APs with same SSID/WPA2 passphrase, so the devices can roam (no AP controller, just the Cisco APs). Possibly that makes WICD nervous?

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