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Mobile Development: a native remote desktop client (rdesktop port win32)

The famous rdesktop running natively on windows ce and windows mobile

Intro and Background

Some times ago I found that message of Jay Sorg and retrieved a copy of his code for a native rdesktop win32 version. I played a little and got the code compile with Visual Studio 2005 with the Windows Mobile SDK.

I tried to implement windows clipboard support to enhance the transfer of texts between the client and server, but unfortunately I was not successful yet. Hopefully someone jumps in and helps enhancing the code and adds some features.

Rdesktop is open source and you can go with the wince implementation here, but if it does not work for you, you have either change the code yourself (and publish it) or find someone that is able to do for you.

There is a template uiports/xxxwin.c in the actual rdesktop source you can use as a starter to compile the actual rdesktop version for windows mobile if you manage to get all the dependencies to work. If you success, forget this post and go with this version (maybe you leave me a note?).

Why another Remote Desktop/Terminal Server Client?

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Automated Login for Remote Desktop Mobile II

Update 18. nov 2011: fixed some bugs, as mentioned by Patrick S. (great to see, that some take and use the code):

  • screen_width and height for WriteRDP()
  • read FitToScreen from reg in readReg()
  • check for already running process of startOnExit in startTSC(). Although I think check for running a process multiple times should be done in the target process.

Update 16. may 2011: converted code for VS2008(windows mobile 6 sdk), see Downloads at bottom

UPDATE 23 june 2010: new registry option to switch between MouseClick and Keyboard simulation:

"Save Password"="1"
"UseMouseClick"="0"    //added with version 3 to switch between mouse and keyboard simulation


Some days ago I published my RDP_Autologin code: RDP_Autologin

As there were some screen metrics hardcoded and more and more devices come with a VGA screen the hardcoded QVGA values will not match. So I extended the first version and implemented some additional logic and settings.

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