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Setup XAMPP Windows as SSL/TLS server

Recently I again needed to check a browser’s SSL capabilities. So, how to setup a test server using it’s own CA? Some time ago I needed to do that previously and found several tutorials, but NONE of them work as written. Now, the same problem again: Find a working tutorial.

This time I sued the one at although the missing images made me nervous. But all over all, the tutorial works with minor changes:

So, I first created a new VirtualBox Windows 6, x64 english test PC (IP address= Then downloaded xampp-win32.1.8.1-VC9-installer.exe and installed XAMPP. Next step was to download and install OpenSSL. I used Win32OpenSSL-1_0_1f.exe. Again got a warning about missing VS2008 VC9 runtimes and downloaded and installed that too. Then I followed the tutorial:

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