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iTextSharp running on Compact Framework – Windows Mobile

PDF library iTextSharp working in Compact Framework 2: iTextSharpCF

Recently I needed a tool to combine several pictures into one file. First I thought about creating a memory bitmap and then BitBlit the source files into this single bitmap. Then I found an entry about iText and iTextSharp. This is a JAVA and .NET class library to create pdf files. As it seems very easy to use I decided to take a closer look. I found one message, where Marco states he has done a port for .NET compact framework and provided a patch to the sourceforge iTextSharp team. Unfortunately the iTextSharp team seems to ignore this port. So I started with iTextSharp and the patch to get iTextSharp running on Compact Framework.

The patch was done against version 4.0.1 of iTextSharp but there were still some rejects and some additional work to do. The main problem was the use of GetInstance where always the general WebRequest.Create(url); and then GetResponseStream() was used. A first workaround is to load the bitmap first and then provide this to doc.Add:

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