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Windows Mobile – A simple web server with extended features

The attached web server offers some options to control the device or show informations about it. The web server runs on the device and enables direct control or delivers information about the device.

The project enclosed default web page offers all implemented commands. The following is a list of what is currently implemented:

  • SystemInfo: get OS version info
  • BEEP: let the device beep
  • START: starts a process
  • KILL: kills a process
  • SETLED: light/unlight/blink a LED
  • VIBRATE: special LED case, this sets a LED which is a placeholder for the vibrate motor
  • SIP: show/hide the Software Keyboard
  • SHOW: ShowWindow implementation (show normal, hide, minimize etc)
  • ENABLEWINDOW: enable or disable a window

The default web page


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