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Mobile development: rdp_autologin updated to support clipboard redirection

The source code of rdp_autologin has been updated and now default.rdp will now include some more lines:

WorkingDir:s:C:\Program Files (x86)
AlternateShell:s:C:\Program Files (x86)\notepad.exe

where only EnableClipboardRedirection is working.

Will update the code of rdp_autologin and it’s tools to enable you to control the clipboard setting by the registry. Currently it defaults to ENABLED.

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Windows Mobile: Hidden Remote Desktop Client Clipboard support

Recently I looked for support of starting an alternative shell when using Remote Desktop Mobile on a Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 device.

MSDN says that I can to specify AlternateShell in a rdp file. As Windows Mobile devices always use \Windows\default.rdp, I added the following two lines and tested what happens.

WorkingDir:s:C:\Program Files (x86)
AlternateShell:s:C:\Program Files (x86)\notepad.exe

Unfortunately the above entries are ignored 🙁

But why? I decided to look inside wpctsc.exe I dumped of a WEH device to see which strings (used sysinternals strings app) are known to the Mobile Remote Desktop client. And, no surprise, AlternateShell is not known inside wpctsc.exe. But I saw two other interesting strings around the ones used in rdp files.

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Windows Mobile – Ctlpnl.exe arguments

Did you know you can launch ctlpnl.exe to open a defined applet directly?

OK, here we go:

ctlpnl.exe cplmain.cpl,26

will open the Wireless Manager. You can use that in a .lnk file if you need a direct option to launch ctlpnl.exe with a specific applet:

255#"\windows\ctlpnl.exe" cplmain.cpl,26

REMEMBER: do NOT add a newline in the .lnk ASCII file!

Here is a list of know arguments:

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Windows Mobile 6 – Internet Explorer Mobile modes

Since IE6 comes as 6.1.4 or higher, Internet Explorer Mobile can work in IE6 or the older PIE mode.

IE6 means Internet Explorer 6 desktop compatible mode. Which works more or less with known and unknown restrictions. The biggest advantage is that Internet Explorer (IEM) >=6.1.4 supports keyboard event DOM of javascript.

For some web sites you may downgrade to PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer) mode. You will get scroll bars and a standard menu bar and no on-screen zoom option.

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