WM 6.5: Remote Desktop Client disconnects after 10 minutes

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as MS does not change it, the Remote Desktop Mobile application still disconnects a session after 10 minutes idle time.

Although there is a solution for Windows Mobile 6.1 (http://www.hjgode.de/wp/2009/09/18/wm6-1-remote-desktop-client-disconnects-after-10-minutes/) based on the posting of Rafael (MS Support), this will not work with Windows Embedded Handheld (WM6.5).

The TSSHELLWND will not react on mouse_event and you have to replace the calls by SendMessage and send the WM_MOUSEMOVE to the Terminal Server Input window.

The attached application will do so but it will start only on Int*rm*c devices. It sends a mouse_move message all 4 minutes to the TS input window and so the idle timer will not timeout.

If you ever need to stop RDMKeepbusy from running in the background, you will need StopKeepBusy which is part of the executable download.

For visual control, RDMKeepbusy shows a small blinking line in the task bar:
green = Remote Desktop window found and input window is active
yellow = Remote Desktop window found, but no input window active
red = Remote Desktop window not found

Version 1: REMOVED as nobody seems to use the actual version

Version 3: REMOVED as nobody seems to use the actual version

Version dec 2011: REMOVED as nobody seems to use the actual version

Latest version always at GITHUB (WM 6.5)


  1. jordy says:


    I have tried this new version on the CK71 but i won’t work. I have started the RDM_KeepBusy.exe, RDM is started but after 10 minutes i’m getting the time out.

    I also don’t see the visual control in the taskbar.

    Maybe i’m doing something wrong.



  2. Josef says:

    You have first to start RemoteDesktopMobile and then RDM_keepBusy, otherwise RDM_KeepBusy will exit immediately as the wpctsc.exe is not found in memory. You may start RDM, minimize RDM by clicking the (X) in the lower right corner and then run RDM_KeepBusy. Then RDM_KeepBusy will bring RDM to front and you can start your connection.

  3. eDo says:

    Hi Josef, Thanks for the application. I need to focus RDM when the user executes the aplication the second time. Can you upload the code somewhere?


  4. Thomas says:

    Customer has tried RDMKeepBusy application, but it starts RDM in VGA resolution, and not in QVGA, which we have solved with a path. RDMKeepBusy, which moves the cursor around, is a work around, is there a solution?
    It also seems like RDMKeepBusy only works, if it starts after “RemoteDesktop” is connected, it is hard to control when the system needs starting immediately.

  5. admin says:


    RDM_KeepBusy does not start RDM in any special resolution. It does not know about VGA or QVGA. Please check your findings.

    For people unable to run RDM_KeepBusy after launching there “own” or the normal RDM, the new attached executable does not exit as long as you don’t use StopKeepBusy.exe.


  6. admin says:

    Hi eDo (and others)

    there will be no source code. You can read everything I did special to other code and so you should be able to write your own KeepBusy:
    “Although there is a solution for Windows Mobile 6.1 (http://www.hjgode.de/wp/2009/09/18/wm6-1-remote-desktop-client-disconnects-after-10-minutes/) based on the posting of Rafael (MS Support), this will not work with Windows Embedded Handheld (WM6.5).

    The TSSHELLWND will not react on mouse_event and you have to replace the calls by SendMessage and send the WM_MOUSEMOVE to the Terminal Server Input window.”



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  8. Jose A. says:

    Hi, and sorry for my english (I’m spanish): I have a problem with the application, it records a log continuously. I’d like to know how to deactivate it
    Thanks in advance

  9. admin says:

    Hello Jose

    depending on settings in source file a log file is used. Please use the latest RELEASE build or check out the code at code.google.com (use TortoiseSVN or AnkhSVN).



  10. Ben T. says:

    I downloaded the WM6.5.3 version dec 2011 but it appears to have the same issue as Josef reported that it is logging by Default, not accoding to the usage text file which says dologging as a command line parameter to turn on logging. Unfortunately, this is causing my Application folder on my Motorola MC9190 to fill up. Could you please point me at a WM6.5.3 version without the logging turned on by Default or please provide me with a way of turning off the logging.

    Regards Ben.

  11. Ben T. says:

    Hi again.
    It appears that i misstyped my email address with regards to the comment above so it is now correct in this one.

    Regards Ben.

  12. Ben T. says:

    Hi again.
    We have looked at the source code on code.google.com under RDP_keepBusy but the code appears to be logging to a port, not a file and there also appears to be no code for StopKeepbusy.exe either. If someone could provide me with either the source code for version dec 2011 or the exe’s without the logging turned on by default I would really appreciate that.

    Regards Ben.

  13. Rick Hernandez says:

    Hello Josef…

    Can you please explain me a little bit more about the source file… what is the exact name for the source file and what is the parameter I should add in order to avoid the log file population…. In the usage.txt file I see the parameter “dologging – enable logging to file” but what should I use to NOT logging…

    I really appreciate your response… Thank you very much in advance

    – Rick Hernandez

  14. James S says:

    The program is awesome in that it resolves the 10 minute timeout issue. However, I cannot turn OFF the logging, which fills up the devices storage in a day or two of constant running. How can logging be turned OFF?

  15. Vit N says:

    THis program is working fine for me, BUT HOW TO TURN OFF LOGGING?

  16. josef says:

    hello Vit N

    just change the global log var:

    BOOL bUseLogging=FALSE;

    and then re-compile.


  17. Vit N says:

    Thank you for reply, Josef.
    Can u post link for source code from code.google.com ?

  18. josef says:

    Hello Vit N and ALL OTHERS:

    http://www.hjgode.de/wp/2013/12/03/mobile-development-rdp_autologin-updated-to-support-clipboard-redirection/ has the link to all related posts and the source code.


  19. Jim K. says:

    Does anyone has a version of not logging as a default? This is a good program but if the logging is enabled it’s defeat it purpose.


  20. Jim K. says:

    Found this link from the developer Hjgode, he has a version of no logging RDM_KeepBusy_nologging.exe but can’t download it.




  21. JamesV says:

    Hi Jim K, if you are still looking for the no logging exe for RDM_KeepBusy it is available from the Google Code Archive on this page: https://code.google.com/archive/p/rdp-auto-login/source/default/source

  22. bradB says:

    I cant find a downloadable exe for the RDM_KeepBusy without the logging. Could someone send me the file or point me in the right direction. Google archive doesn’t have it any longer.


  23. josef says:

    Hi bradB

    executables are at Github and there is now a registry key to enable/disbale logging.


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