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rdesktopce builds done with LOW_RES ‘marker’

I have added two new build variants to rdesktopce_rdp5 (see also older article).

The normal builds make Windows Mobile ‘think’ the app is HI_RES_AWARE and so QVGA screens (see geometry setting in winrdesktop.ini) are NOT scaled to the larger screens of current devices:

with HI_RES_AWARE and geometry=240×320 on a WXGA screen:


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Windows Server 2012 RDS and Windows Mobile: connection error

For whatever reason MS decided to make Windows 2012 RDS (former Terminal Services, now Remote Desktop Services) not compatible with Windows Mobile 6.x and other Windows CE 5.0 based handheld devices.

Fortunately, if you activated Remote Desktop License Server using ‘Web Browser’ method, you simply have to change the Collections Security settings and disable ‘Allow only … Network Level Authentication’ (NLA).

The following can also apply for Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server. Check if you activate the Licensing server via “Web Browser” connection or directly. My 2008 R2 server is running OK for Windows Mobile, as a stand-alone server, with 100 licenses and activated via “Web Browser”.

But let start at the beginning.

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Mobile development: rdp_autologin updated to support clipboard redirection

The source code of rdp_autologin has been updated and now default.rdp will now include some more lines:

WorkingDir:s:C:\Program Files (x86)
AlternateShell:s:C:\Program Files (x86)\notepad.exe

where only EnableClipboardRedirection is working.

Will update the code of rdp_autologin and it’s tools to enable you to control the clipboard setting by the registry. Currently it defaults to ENABLED.

See also previous posts.

Windows Mobile: Hidden Remote Desktop Client Clipboard support

Recently I looked for support of starting an alternative shell when using Remote Desktop Mobile on a Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 device.

MSDN says that I can to specify AlternateShell in a rdp file. As Windows Mobile devices always use \Windows\default.rdp, I added the following two lines and tested what happens.

WorkingDir:s:C:\Program Files (x86)
AlternateShell:s:C:\Program Files (x86)\notepad.exe

Unfortunately the above entries are ignored 🙁

But why? I decided to look inside wpctsc.exe I dumped of a WEH device to see which strings (used sysinternals strings app) are known to the Mobile Remote Desktop client. And, no surprise, AlternateShell is not known inside wpctsc.exe. But I saw two other interesting strings around the ones used in rdp files.

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