ITC CN50 sensors: looking for usefull applications

Hello, are any usefull sensors applications out there?

ITC’s new device CN50 supports a G sensor by hardware. It delivers rotation, position, acceleration and magnetic data. But how can this help in commercial applications except for automated screen rotation? I dont know. The most G sensor enabled apps actually developed against HTC sensor are games. A bubble level application will not be that accurate with the form of the housing of the device. See a list of applications (mostly games) here.

I adopted the “sample Teeter-esque type application”  to the CN50 and the actual ITCsensor API I got. Did it to just play around with the API. I added a bearing line inside the moving ‘ball’ that always should point to magnetic north pole.


Let me know, if you are interested in my source code and I will post this useless app here.

Added source code to download. Please be aware of the code is written for ITC CN50.

[Download not found]


  1. I think TouchLockPro is a usefull application using all the available sensors.

  2. Hugo says:


    I,m very interested in your code in order to create a litle (non comercial) app for a 4×4 club members, please let me know if possible and if necessari some paiment or donnation.

    Thanks you in advance,


  3. admin says:


    there is no need to pay or donate for the code, it is free to use.



  4. Niels Brinkø says:

    Hi Josef,

    The best usecases i have seen, is to unlock/power-on the device.

    Fx. when a user picks up the device, the screen turns on.
    Or you could use it to start a specific app when the person walks between different places (the compass, user walks north, you know this is shipping area, change to another screen, user walks south, you know this is cross-stock, change screen again).

    There is a lot of ideas floating around in the mobile phone community and this is something i know is explored at universities.

    Please feel free to write me if you want to discuss this some more.


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