Mobile Document Imaging

The new CN50 and CN4 launched by ITC supports MDI (Mobile Document Imaging). ITC calls the technolgy eMDI for enhanced MDI.

MDI is a technique to capture documents in a more reasonable way than by just taking a photo of the document. If you make a photo of a document, the result is not usable for online reading or archiving. You dont need color and the ‘images’ will be big in size, have uneven background, maybe tilted and sheered. MDI will take images of an document and correct the orientation, crop the image to the document borders, remove angles and normalize the image.

MDI can be used instead of flatbed scanners with similar results. The document scans are small and can be easily transfered to online services.

Need more background: Xerox MDI document

Here are some examples:

A photo of a delivery label photo001

A grayscale MDI of the label mdi_01

Another photo, this time in landscape: photo002

The MDI of the label in b&w: mdi_02

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