Windows CE and Mobile SetupDll with unzip support


Update 14. sept 2010: fixed source code and template files, please use the new files only

Create windows ce cab files which install a complete directory structure onto a device. I created
this small tool, as I needed an easy to use tool to create a pseudo installation cab.

The DLL will unzip a archiv file with all dirs onto a device. To build a new cab use the directory
structure you will find below cabdir.

Create your own install

First cleanup all files below cabdir\source. Then place all files into this directory as they should be
unpacked onto the device. For example for an application called barcodegame, I created the following
structure below source:

	+---Program Files
	¦   +---barcodegame
	¦       +---de
	¦       +---en
		+---Start Menu

Then let cabbuild.bat create a new archive with all files and then a cab with this packed file. For example
change to the cabdir (cd cabdir) and then launch

Buildcab.bat "BarcodeGame3"

The batch file will patch an inf file needed for cabwiz and zip all files below source. The batch will also
patch the file SetupDll_zip2.ini.tmpl which is used to specify the install location and the zip filename:

;directory values have to end with a \


The unzip directory could also be controlled by the registry but the ini file is looked up first.

If you like to control the unzip by the registry, you have to change the template file “cabtemplate.inf” and use these

	registry entries (all REG_SZ):
	unzipbasedir: "\"
	zipfilename: ""

Currently the batch and everything is adjusted to work with the ini template file “SetupDll_zip2.ini.tmpl”.


  • The ini and inf template files are patched using the GNU tool sed.
  • The zip file is created with 7za
  • The cab is created with the MS SDK tool cabwiz.
  • The setupdll is written with the help of iniutil.cpp/h and unzip.cpp/h

Coding techiques

  • Windows native API.
  • CreateWindow from DLL.
  • Read ini files on Windows CE.
  • Unzip file on Windwos Mobile.
  • Update window from thread.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • No national windows support. No shellfolders 🙁
  • Very easy to use 😎

Download (source and ready to use): [Download not found]

Updated 14. sept 2010:
[Download not found]
[Download not found]

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