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Windows CE and Mobile SetupDll with unzip support


Update 14. sept 2010: fixed source code and template files, please use the new files only

Create windows ce cab files which install a complete directory structure onto a device. I created
this small tool, as I needed an easy to use tool to create a pseudo installation cab.

The DLL will unzip a archiv file with all dirs onto a device. To build a new cab use the directory
structure you will find below cabdir.

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Hooking into the keyboard message queue

Although undocumented keyboard hooking is possible. I read an article at CodeProject about hooking and wrote some applications that uses this great possibility. One result is iHook, an application that will do something like the button shortcuts applet in windows mobile. You can define keys and what application they should start.

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Started a poll: Is Windows Mobile the right OS choice for an commercial used handheld?

Started a poll: Is Windows Mobile the right OS choice for an commercial used handheld?

Do you think windows mobile is the right choice for a commercial used handheld?

Having windows mobile OS on a barcode scanner data retrieval system has a lots of disadvantages. There may be unwanted popups and it is hard to lock the user in the application. Windows CE is shrinked down, but no one will miss outlook and other PIM of windows mobile on a data retrieval system.

When I am talking about industrial/commercial used handhelds, I am talking about such devices.

Windows Mobile offers a rich set of functions, but from a support and developing view, it is harder to lock down the user in the application they have to use to enter data. There is an strange function key mapping and every time a popup may appear, where the user can get out of the main app back to the OS.

Windows CE is much easier to support and it is easier to lock down the user. It also has a smaller footprint and the application has more memory: no outlook and other mostly unused apps in the background. For browser type applications, the browser is more compatible to desktop browser than the Mobile Internet Explorer.

What do you think?

Some companies for ruggedized handhelds offer both OS types for there devices, some not.

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