Mobile Development: AutoHide Windows Mobile Device Center 2

In an earlier post I wrote about a tool to autohide the annoying WMDC window. As a developer I dont like to keep WMDC come up every time I connect a device. I just need to know, if the device is connected or not.

Fortunately, Henkie leaved a comment about a usefull alternative for WMDC. But as commented here, no visual control of the connection.

Now I started to think about a small tool to have a visual control of WMDC connected or not. I had to use RAPI either provided by MS or via OpenNetCF.Desktop.Communication. Although the OpenNETCF one works OK, I was not satisfied, as it was impossible to get a connection status without disconnect/connect. So I went back to WIN32 API and wrote this small tool based on DeviceInfo sample of Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

First I again messed up with notification icons in Windows 7 (64bit). But the icon may be removed or not, depending on Windows 7 decisions I dont know.

So the tool uses a simple window and an icon to let you know the connection status.

Just start the tool and the icon and edit window background will show, if device is connected or not. The application icon in the title bar as in the taskbar button will change from gray to color for a connected versa a disconnected device.

Visual Studio 2008 C/C++ Win32 code and exe: [Download not found]


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  2. Mike says:


    I too would like to stop the mobile pop-up and place it in guest mode. I have a question. Does the WMCD-State2 Code and exe file download on the Windows CE Programming Site stop the pop up or do I also have to make the Regedit suggested by Henkie and use the WMCD State download for connections only?



  3. admin says:

    The WMDCstate app does not suppress the popup if GuestOnly is not set. You need to use both (or three) solutions:
    1. GuestOnly to avoid partnership queries
    2. activate WMDCbase.exe instead of WMDC.exe
    3. WMDCstate to see when device is connected with wmdcbase.exe

  4. Cliff says:

    Can anyone help me by turning WMDC-State2 into a DLL that raises an event when the device is connected, passing along the connection parameters? I don’t do C/C++ (I know, shame) or I’d do it myself. I think I can arrange some remuneration if required.

  5. josef says:

    Hello Cliff

    take a look at opennecf desktop lib: and here

    namespace OpenNETCF.Desktop.Communication

    /// RapiConnectedHandler delegate

    public delegate void RAPIConnectedHandler();

    with that lib you should be able to write your own DLL.


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