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DirectKeyUI, a tool to manage direct keys on ITC devices

Although ITC offers a nice keyboard remapper (part of the device resource kit) there is no tool to remap the ‘direct’ keys. Direct keys are for example the blue side buttons on a CN3(e), the PTT key on a CK3 or the front keys of a CV30. To remap those keys you need to change the registry. As fiddling with the registry is not always easy, I did this small tool: DirectKeyUI

New (14. july 2009):

  • Added ArmV4 version as needed to use the tool on 700 color devices
    Although the tool is mainly targetting ITC WM5 devices it is also usefull to map keys on ITC WM2003 devices as the 700 color series. The remapper for the WM2003 devices does not offer all possibly mappings and so DirectKeyUI may be usefull for you.
  • Added source code as of 29. june 2009
  • Fixed some bugs in v1.2

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Toggle keyboard using keyboard hook

This is transfered from my static page:


Using function keys by pressing numbers. Written for ITC 700 color running windows mobile 2003.

Note: Updated KeyToggle.exe and download cab:
[Download not found]

There was a bug, so the sticky key still produced wm_keydown messages. Fixed version is v2.1.1.0.

With keytoggle you can define a ‘sticky’ key that will change the behaviour of the number keys. As long as the sticky key is ‘active’, number keys from 1 to 0 will produce the function keys F1 to F10. If sticky key is active, the left LED will light in green.

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