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Mobile Development – Simple serial communication application

Here is a simple application to connect to a serial port. The idea is based on the need of having an application to send demo print files to a virtual comm port connected to a bluetooth printer.

Update 16. March 2011: Added dialog to connect to BT printer by BT Address on Intermec devices. New source and binary at

Update 21. March 2011: Splitted source code and providing three different flavours:
CommAppCFSerial does serial comm only.
CommAppCFbtSearch provides BT connect (Intermec Devices only) and BT discovery
CommAppCF itself is a unstable working release
see … Executables are in bin subdirs.

You can enter and send texts to or send a whole file to the port. Additionally you are able to send ASCII codes by using \xAB syntax, where AB is the hex code of the byte you would like to send.

There is nothing special with the code except the hex decoding/encoding and the possibility to send a file.

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