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Windows Mobile: redirect function keys into Internet Explorer Mobile browser


this small tool enables you to use Function keys within Internet Explorer Mobile (IEM) web sites.

Normally, most function keys are catched and used by the OS (GWES) to perfom special actions like menu softkeys, phone call, end phone, volume up, volume down and more.

Using a keyboard hook we can catch the function key presses, or better say WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP messages before the OS can catch them.

One challenge was to find the window that processes normal key presses. The keyboard windows messages are not send to the top level window. Using the Remote Spy Tool I found the Window inside Internet Explorer window that finally processes keyboard messages. Now the tool can hook the keyboard, catch F key presses (F1 to F24) and send them directly to the browser window (class name = “Internet Explorer_Server”). The tool simply uses FindWindow and GetWindow to locate the window handle of this window and then does a PostMessage with WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP directly to the browser window.

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KeyToggle: get working function keys on you Windows Mobile device

Consumer PDAs running Windows Mobile have either only some special keys (a rocker, home, back and action) or some have a qwertz keypad or a mobile phone like keypad. The industrial handhelds by ITC and other vendors of ruggedized handheld computers mostly have a number or alphanumeric (qwertz) keypad. Some of these ruggedized devices support also Function Keys. You may need function keys if you access aa application on a terminal server or use a terminal emulation like IBM 3270 or VT/ANSI.

If you dont have function keys on your keypad, you can use KeyToggle to get the number keys work as function keys.

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Toggle keyboard using keyboard hook

This is transfered from my static page:


Using function keys by pressing numbers. Written for ITC 700 color running windows mobile 2003.

Note: Updated KeyToggle.exe and download cab:
[Download not found]

There was a bug, so the sticky key still produced wm_keydown messages. Fixed version is v2.1.1.0.

With keytoggle you can define a ‘sticky’ key that will change the behaviour of the number keys. As long as the sticky key is ‘active’, number keys from 1 to 0 will produce the function keys F1 to F10. If sticky key is active, the left LED will light in green.

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