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FlightAware/SkyAware/dump1090-fa lighttp does not start after update to version 5

Today I updated my bananapi zero w running raspbian and the dump1090 flightaware software ADS-B monitor. Unfortunality the web server lighttp did not start any more after the update with an error about a line in 89-skyaware.conf. I did not accept the installer/update message to overwrite my custom files. But how can I get the maintainer versions of the conf files?

After some research I found them at So I used these files (89-skyaware.conf and 89-dump1090-fa.conf) instead and the web server started without error.

Finally I added my

server.use-ipv6 = "enable"

to the $SERVER[“socket”] of 89-skyaware.conf and my adsbox was reachable from internet again. I am at a FTTH network with global IPv6 only and use to map ipv4 public IPs to my internal network.