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RDM_Keepbusy has been updated

I fixed a bug in RDM_KeepBusy. It worked only for the first session and not after close/open another session. Please always use the subversion code.

Mobile Development: RDP AutoLogin v5

Based on version-4 here is an more extended version with the option to preset Resource mapping (Device storage and Remote desktop sound).

These two options are controlled by the default.rdp file:


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WM 6.5: Remote Desktop Client disconnects after 10 minutes rev 3

Just a post to let you know, that RDM_KeepBusy for WM6.5 has been updated

Remote Desktop Mobile on VGA devices: QVGA applications do not scale well


there are now more and more full VGA rugged devices coming. And some customers are still using Remote Desktop Mobile to run there application on the small screens. Unfortunately some of the coders use application screen layouts hard coded to QVGA (240×320). Now with a VGA capable Windows Mobile device they get weird screens on the device.

The client (Remote Desktop Mobile) sends the server information about there screen sizes. As a VGA device can display 480×640 pixels, the hard coded 240×320 applications only use a quarter of the screen. The texts are very small and more or less unreadable.

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