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TP-Link TD-W8961ND DSL router can not access admin web page after 24 hours or so

This is a security feature. If the Admin web page has not been accessed for some time the router disables the access completely. Router does still work, ping is OK, WLAN and WWAN connections are working, you just can not access the admin web page.

As I am running a Linux server I decided to make a hourly cron job that simply accesses the router admion web page every hour. So I can access the admin web all time without the need to cycle it’s power 🙁

I added a cron.hourly bash script to access the admin page every hour:

wget -O - -q -t 1 --user=<adminusername> --password=<yourpassword> http://<yourrouterip>

Replace the user name, password entry and ip with the ones of your router and copy that bash shell script to /etc/cron.hourly. Don’t forget to make it executable (chmod a+x ).

Update: although the above is running the web admin page could not be reached after some days. Odd security mechanism 🙁

Windows Phone 8: print demo for bluetooth label/receipt printers

This is the description of my btPrint demo app to print demo files to portable bluetooth label/receipt printers. I already did the same app for android and now wanted to do the same for windows phone 8.

The app starts with the main screen where you select a bluetooth printer, connect, select a demo file and let it print.

btprint_main_start_bt_and_file_selected btprint_demolist
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Windows Mobile – A simple web server with extended features

The attached web server offers some options to control the device or show informations about it. The web server runs on the device and enables direct control or delivers information about the device.

The project enclosed default web page offers all implemented commands. The following is a list of what is currently implemented:

  • SystemInfo: get OS version info
  • BEEP: let the device beep
  • START: starts a process
  • KILL: kills a process
  • SETLED: light/unlight/blink a LED
  • VIBRATE: special LED case, this sets a LED which is a placeholder for the vibrate motor
  • SIP: show/hide the Software Keyboard
  • SHOW: ShowWindow implementation (show normal, hide, minimize etc)
  • ENABLEWINDOW: enable or disable a window

The default web page


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Opencart oder OCIE, Versions-Verschleierung


falls jemand VOR der Installtion von OCIE 1.2.5 wissen will, zu was das kompatibel sein soll oder auf welcher OpenCart Version das basiert:
OCIE v.1.2.5
Based on OpenCart v.1.4.9.x

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